Cul-de-sac Extravaganza

UNICO 20°87°

Akumal, Mexico

June 16th – 23d 2018

At UNICO 20°87° you’ll meet modern Mexico face-to-face. With flexible programming and a no-itinerary-necessary attitude means that, here, the only condition is that you revel in the moment. Equal parts international outpost and local getaway, UNICO 20°87° is about immersing yourself fully, whether you’re out to explore the region’s lesser known alcoves or indulge in the culturally-inspired on-site activities.

UNICO 20°87° Hotel Riviera Maya embraces the local, from the food and drink, to the spa treatments, to a selection of curated adventures. There is no lack for comfort, with custom bath amenities, a fully equipped fitness center, 24-hour room service, and a personal Anfitrión—replacing the traditional butler service—to serve as your local host. It’s a completely new standard for the all-inclusive vacation.


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Guests already signed up:

Blake and Sherri Richardson  (June 16th – 23rd)

David and Rebecca Glasgow  (June 17th – 23rd)

Chad and Julie Owen  (June 17th – 23rd)

Val and Scott Weathers  (June 17th – 23rd)

Richard & Marshella Davis  (June 15th – 21st)

Scott and Maureen Salzman (June 16th – 23d)

Francis “Randy” & Jennifer Steinbrenner  (June 17th – 23rd)

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